SienaBikeTour allows a quicker, wider, more enjoyable approach to Siena, allowing to visit places that would be harder to visit when you want to get to places that are not on postcards.

Our assisted pedaling bikes allow you to get to places that are more difficult to reach for a mere location reason.

You will be able to discover Siena in its most secret corners and secluded and satisfy your eyes and your spirit with its hidden wonders.

In two and a half hours you can admire all the monuments and churches of the city, where the walking tour takes at least two days and will not be as more unattainable for those who have to combine cultural interest and time.

A Tour Leader will be at your complete leisure to allow you to enjoy this enchanted city Unesco World Heritage Site.

Siena is a unique Town

So now you have the chance of visiting Basilica of San Domenico built on a tufo rock, you will discover  both the Basilica dei Servi and San Francesco, the Duomo  and the Collegiata di S. Maria in Provenzano.

You will discover the old Templar Church of Magione located inside Porta Kamullia and someone of beautiful Gothic founts in Siena.

You’ll get to observer the perimeters of walls that encircled city in ancient times and the medioeval lanes where are located the Contrade museums (visit on reservation), lovely architetures where the costumes and armours are exhibited together with the flags and drums of the Palio, and the Palio awarded during the centuries.

Finally the Fortezza Medicea welcomes in its powerful bastions to admire a breathtaking view.

The unique place where the unique Palio horse race, its most famous and most imitated event, has been the same for centuries.

The only Tuscan town built on hills and not near a river or the sea.

The only town where the thousands tracks of the old Via Francigena met to go on to Rome, and the ones coming from Rome met to go on to the whole of Europe.

The only town that has its own Saint Patron and other Saints, like Bernardino and Catherine, but it also has a privileged relationship with the Virgin Mary, to whom it gave its heart in its darkest moments. 




daily departure by reservation

  • 2      people   € 125,00 each
  • 3      people   €   95,00 each
  • 4      people   €   80,00 each
  • 5      people   €   75,00 each
  • 6/7   people   €   70,00 each
  • 8      people   €   65,00 each

(tips not included)

In Palio's days the Tour doesn't start:

from 06/29 until 07/03 

from 08/13 until 08/17

tour around the City

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The tour of Siena start from car parking near Medici Fortress.

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